=USS= Events and Convoys

Event Coordinators
Welcome to Our Events and Convoys Page.  Here we will showcase special Events we are taking part in or Hosting and also will break down our Convoy Events and the Rules for participation.
Convoy Rules 

Communication :

We have an Event/Convoy Discord that Members can utilize to participate with us.  Remaining in the discord after said Event/Convoy is not mandatory but its welcome.  Please make sure to communicate everything with the Coordinators.

Distance / Travel:

When participating in our Convoys please try to keep a distance of 100 Meters from the Vehicle in front of you.  If you have issues with LAG please let the Coordinators know and they may have you take a position in the rear of the convoy.  If you have the "CAPTAIN BRAKING SYSTEM" please make sure to make those Following you aware of this.  The Captain Braking System is when he hits his brakes ALL HIS BRAKES engage at once.  He taps the brakes and loses 20 Miles per hour per tap. 

When traveling in the Convoy please remember the drivers in front of you and behind you.  Please try to remain in the same position in the convoy.  No passing during the convoy unless the driver in front of you signals for you to come around for they have an issue of some kind.

Restrictions : 

For Convoys we ask that you not have a Heavy Haul.  If you insist on taking a Heavy Haul you will be placed in the back of the line and the convoy may or may not wait up for you.  This is to the Judgement of the Coordinators and they may alter their judgement at any time.

If you truck is heavily modified please let the Coordinators aware.  Some modifications could cause Lag to some players and you might get placed in a part of the line that wont affect all members of the Convoy.

Fueling :

We ask that all participants of the convoy be fully fueled at the start of the Convoy.  If you have Fuel issues please sound out to the Coordinators ASAP so it can be planned stops for the Convoy to refuel.  

Routing :

Prior to the start of the Convoy.  The Coordinators will have the route pre-planned and posted in Our Event Discord.  The Coordinators will also describe what the route will be prior to Rolling Out.  PLEASE BE QUIET IN DISCORD AND ON CB WHILE THEY ANNOUNCE THE ROUTE.  This helps to Facilitate a timely fashion of preparing to get the Convoy Started.