Recruitment Guidelines

The Following guidelines are for Recruitment and Employment in the United Shipping Specialists Virtual Trucking Company.  

01 Age Requirement : 

We require 18 years old Minimum.  In special cases might be overlooked if someone acts accordingly

02 Trucksbook Required :

A required Application Tool we use is Trucksbook.  This is our Virtual Logbook that records your deliveries and monitors the miles/kilometers that our drivers complete in a Month.

03 Discord Required :

Discord Usage is required, for Updates from Management as well as Convoy Communications.  We try to keep our business off of CB.  We presently have Two Official Discord Servers.  One for our general operations and another for our Event Operations.  We do not have a rule against our drivers/streamers using their own discords while they stream but would hope if involved with other USS Members that they would use our servers.  Non USS Members are allowed.

04 Mileage/Participation Requirement : 

For recruits we monitor their mileage and once they complete 5k miles in two consecutive months they will be changed to full Driver.  Participation requirement is you need to be an active participant.  We have sections in the discord to tell us if your going to be unavailable for a period of time.  Failure to keep in contact with our Management team may be cause for Dismissal.  Recruits are watched over by staff in convoy's to make sure they are conducting themselves in the proper manner.

05 TruckersMP.

We offer two forms of Employment.  Offline Driver or Online Driver.  If your an offline operator then you do not need to register for TruckersMP.  Granted you will not be able to participate in Convoys and Events.  Online Operators do need to register with TruckersMP.  Please relay to Management if you have any Ban history in TruckersMP.  This will not exclude you from Employment unless deemed that you are a Risk to Our Image on TruckersMP.